2 Dogs

Meet our two doggies (children):


and Molly


Sam is a mutt. We believe that he is mixed with a black lab and possibly a boxer.  He is a very sweet and loving dog.

“Please let me cuddle with you”

Sam loves to cuddle and he is the fastest ear-licker you’ll ever meet. I got Sam when he was about 5 months old.  A lady was holding him at the puppy store and he was a lifeless lump. As soon as I saw him I had to pick him up. As the lady politely passed him along to me, his tail began wagging like crazy and he came to life. I immediately knew that he was mine. Now Sam’s favorite hobby is to run. It appears that he smiles the whole time he does it. He is deathly afraid of the vacuum. He runs and dives into our bathtub to escape from it. Sam has a ‘kitty’ toy, knows it by name and will fetch it upon request.   He is very smart and a wonderful dog.

Watchin Seinfeld


First car ride home

Molly is also a mutt. We believe she has a little bit of Newfoundland in her but she really looks a lot like a German shepherd. We went to a puppy rescue place and waited in line for  it to open. We perused the online pictures and saw her. As soon as we got in there, another family grabbed her to take the first step to adopt her. We looked at a few other dogs, but none captured our hearts.  Suddenly we saw one of the family members that picked her out earlier crying. I had a feeling they were deciding not to get her. I sent Kyle to go get her. We both got in a ‘play pen’ with her and she was a mess! Very dirty, but right away she was ready to play with us. We got her shortly after.

This gives you a good idea of her size. 3 months old here

As soon as Molly came to her new house she started talking to us. It is low guttaral growls that tells us she likes what we’re doing (giving her food) or we are not making her happy (telling her ‘no’).

She is extremely vocal, talking back to us all the time. She has calmed down a little, but she still gets pretty sassy at times. Molly loves to chew on anything, including Sam’s neck, and she’ll lick anything. She also loves to sit on our patio and just watch. I am excited because she is also starting to get a little more cuddly.  She is smart and funny and constantly makes us laugh.


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