The Art of the Bonk

20 Aug

The bonk.  That one word can spell disaster for the weekend warrior and a Tour de France winner alike (just ask Alberto Contador), and as I feel like I fall somewhere in between these two categories as a cyclist I’m not immune to the dreaded bonk.  In fact this happened to me just the other day and I can tell you that it wasn’t pretty.  I was riding again for the first time in a few days and left my house at around 11 o’clock to head into Boulder and climb Flagstaff Mountain.  I left home with two full bottles of water and one cliff bar (a little under the normal amount of food I take on a typical ride).  I felt good the entire way into Boulder and on the first part of the climb.  I actually felt really good on the first few switch backs and then about 2 km from the top my energy just drained off completely.  I slowed to a snails pace and couldn’t figure out why.  I began to get super hungry and weak and my legs began to feel cold even though it was around 90 degrees outside.  I really wanted to finish the climb but there is a point when your own personal safety and well being becomes more important than finishing your training ride.  Given that I had no more food and only half a bottle of water left I turned around and headed into Boulder stopping at the first gas station that I could find.  I bought a coke and granola bar and after drinking and eating those I began to feel much much better.  I left for home and made it there without any other trouble.  Needless to say it was a great learning experience.  I have never bonked that hard before, never felt that weak before and never been so glad to chug down a coke before as that I did on that day.

These Legs Are TIRED!

The Remnants...


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    […] season.  Anyway I embarked on my usually training loop into Boulder and up Flagstaff Mountain (The same loop that I bonked on last week).  I didn’t bonk today but it was still a tough […]

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