Bring on FALL!

24 Aug

Looking toward Boulder

My off-season has officially begun.  I am hanging up my racing wheels until next year and began my off-season training started in earnest this morning and go figure it was cold and rainy.

I love riding early in the morning its cooler and there are less people and cars on the road but riding in the morning requires getting up early, which I don’t particularly enjoy.  I put my personal reservations aside this morning though in order to get good ride in before going to work.  At 7am this morning it was raining and cold, which I actually enjoy.  There is something almost primeval about riding in cold rainy weather I feel like I am riding in Belgium training for the Spring Classics season.  Anyway I embarked on my usually training loop into Boulder and up Flagstaff Mountain (The same loop that I bonked on last week).  I didn’t bonk today but it was still a tough ride.

On the way home I decided that I am going to be doing a personal review of a few on the bike drink mixes to see which one I want to invest in for all my training rides, more to come on that later…I also decided that my one goal for my racing season next year is to win the Boulder-Roubaix race.  Not second, not third but first.  We will see what happens, wish me luck.

The view from the top


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