To Jam or Not to Jam? (And a few other tidbits)

25 Aug

A good time to think...

I always seem to think of the coolest most creative things when I am on my morning training rides.  And of course when I get home I forget all those great ideas that have accumulated in my head.  This morning was the exact same thing.  I know I thought of a great many things this morning in regards to what I wanted to do today, what I wanted to talk about, things I wanted to make, ways to make our apartment more stylish and the like, but when I got home did I remember any of it???  NO!  Kind of frustrating but oh well, maybe I need to rubber band a small notepad to my handlebars with an attached pen to jot down my musings.  Anyway just needed to get that out, the reason for this post is two-fold, first of all I want to see what everyone’s thoughts are in regards to listening to music while you exercise.  Especially cycling.  Personally whenever I ride by myself I usually bring Herbert II (My iPod) along but sometimes I love just listening to the sounds of nature and the wheels of the bike.  So what does everyone else think?  To Jam or Not to Jam?

Secondly what are some good work out songs?  Anything goes as long as it isn’t country, because lets be honest, country really isn’t music…

P.S.  This is how my ride ended today…..excellent!


That’s got to be a pretty lucky (or unlucky actually) shot.  How did I hit that nail at such an angle that it was propelled through the bottom of my tire and through the sidewall?  Somehow I think I should have bought a lottery ticket today!  By the way who leaves nails this big on the road?  Granted I didn’t see the offending nail until I saw it hanging out of my tire but why are nails this size on a busy street.  This could take out a tractor-trailer tire, let alone a 21mm bike tire.  Needless to say I rode home gingerly on a CO2 inflated spare tube with a giant hole in sidewall…not the kind of nervousness that I like.


2 Responses to “To Jam or Not to Jam? (And a few other tidbits)”

  1. Alex August 26, 2010 at 2:44 pm #

    When I workout all I listen to is country…come on Boes country is music too! But really I always listen to music when I lift. I have found myself running a lot lately and while I use to hate listening to music when I did that has started to change as of late. It seems to pass the time much more quickly, all while taking my mind off of how far I haven’t made it yet. Now I know you are going to kill me for this but it seems like rap is about the only thing I can listen to when I workout and when I run. And I know this is even worse, but all I have listened to the last month while working out is Eminem’s new album “Recovery”. I know that may sound ridiculous but the up tempo style of music get me motivated much quicker and honestly pumps me up. I have tried listening to other things, but no matter how much I may like the song, if it is an up tempo song it really only make my workout a little worse. So say what you will but it gets me through my workout and sometimes even pushes me to work harder than I thought I could.

    • Kyle August 27, 2010 at 8:03 am #

      Heck ya man! When I listen to music it has to be up-beat and it pumps me up as well, especially on the bike. As far as Eminem goes…not a huge fan as you know but I’m sure the beats are good. But when we talk about country I stand my ground when I say it isn’t real music…it’s probably used as a torture treatment in other countries and I think is actually banned by the Geneva Convention.

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