Produce A Plenty!

27 Aug

AWESOME package to come home to!

What’s inside, you ask?!

Well, let's take a peek...

Pea sprouts...

Does anyone have any experience with these? I’ve never had them before! Do I use them just like any other ‘sprout’?

Luscious lettuce...

4 little peaches...on my doorstep...singing sweet songs...

Broccoli, radishes, cucumber, green onions galore, zucchini...

Collard greens, beets, corn on the cob and one beautiful cantaloupe!

When I went to the grocery store a few days ago, I thought for sure that there would be much less produce purchased there in lieu of this upcoming delivery. But in fact, the cart was still filled with 80% produce!

I guess that’s a good thing. And this may also be because both Kyle and I are making attempts to clean and tidy up our diets. I am going to do a nice post very soon about my personal health endeavor that is currently under-way and I hope that it may help some of you too!

Here are the meals and/or snacks that we are planning to make over the next week or so that will be taking advantage of our ‘box’ and the purchases from the grocery store.

  • Black beans burgers a la Hilary
  • Beet hummus I found in a search
  • Sweet potato balls a la Caitlin
  • Spring rolls a la Me

The other recipes that are about to be made are from Kyle’s recent read: Racing Weight

  • Chicken and rice noodles- an Asian dish
  • Lemon and rosemary chicken skewers with quinoa
  • Fish tacos
  • Asian pork burgers

I’ve got the ‘baking bug’ going on right now so maybe some cookies or zucchini bread are on the way…? We will be sure to update and try to share the recipes we really enjoy!

Sam and Molly are pooped from a fun day at Kyles’ parents house… playing with the two dogs over there, Ellie and Gus, and in the mud. So I’m going to take advantage while they’re sleeping and make some bean burgers! I hope they taste good, I accidentally burnt my beans a little last night!

Obviously it’s going to be a fun food weekend for us, but we want to hear what your plans are. What are you up to this weekend?



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