Weekend Fun

30 Aug

Kyle had to work Friday evening and Saturday-day. In my last post, I left off with beginning to make black bean burgers.

They turned out wonderfully!

Saturday morning I made myself a peach pie smoothie and then headed out to go to a craft festival with my mom.

Making crafts is a hobby of mine and I love to check out other artisans and craftsters. The festival was in an ultra-hip neighborhood where Denver’s old airport used to be. They have completely redone the whole area and it’s really beautiful now.

Flowers everywhere!

Fun fountain! I should have played in it!

Other shots from the festival….

Vintage cookbooks! Swoon!!

After I got home from the craft show, I still had my baking bug. I decided to use the zucchini from our box, and made… zucchini bread of course!

Saturday evening, Kyle got home and we made lemon rosemary chicken bites and a quinoa, tomato, broccoli salad. We also watched a couple of Alfred Hitchcock movies. We watched “Vertigo” and “Rope”. I love his movies. They are so mentally creepy!

Sunday was wonderful because Kyle and I got to spend the whole day together! It is a very rare occurrence. We went to church in the morning and then headed down to famous Antique Row on Broadway with Kyle’s parents and one of his sisters. Our first stop was Great Britain’s Fish and Chips. Wonderful fish n’ chips!

We headed out to a few other very cool spots. A sweet little bookstore, a couple antique stores and…

"On Broadway..."

Check out this ad on the back of a comic book...hilarious!

Arc thrift store! My favorite place EVER to find fun and random things. Unfortunately by this time, I was having a serious negative reaction to my lunch. I didn’t even get to look around in this store. Not a huge deal though, there’s always another thrift store!

Here documents my ill feelings. Note the pasty white complexion, uneasy smile...

We headed home after this and I took a much needed nap. While I was sleeping, Kyle started roasting some potatoes. When I woke up, I assembled a salad that used mostly produce from our box! We took both of these dishes over to my dad’s house for family night with him and my brother. My dad made beer can chicken. OOOOoooh sooo delightful!

The rest of the meal went undocumented as I was still recovering from my previous episode. We ate, and then played us some corn-hole! Have you ever played this before? It is a lot of fun! It’s essentially horse-shoes, but you are throwing bean bags and you are trying to throw them into a hole that lays in a slanted board. I used to be a pitcher in my softball “career”, so I am embarrassed to admit that I am really horrible at this game. My dad and brother on the other hand, very good.

We had a very fun, family filled weekend despite getting killed in corn-hole!

How was yours? I hope it was wonderful!!



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