Molly is a Maniac

31 Aug

Both of our dogs are very strong. They are so strong that I can not control both of them at the same time using regular leashes.  Once we had an incidence where both of them were trying to run to say hello to another dog while on a potty break. They both pulled so hard, so fast, I landed on my butt and I ended up with a cut ankle. Wonderful way to wake up on a Sunday morning. Enter: Yuppie Puppy!


These harnesses are AH MAY ZING! Sam and Molly get very excited to go on walks. While using regular leashes, their collar ends up strangling their throats. Throughout the entire walk they sound and look like rabid animals. The harness restrains them more so around their chest so the creepy heavy breathing is averted. Plus, I somehow can control the beasts a lot easier. Well today, while we were away, Molly set to work on her harness that was accidentally left on.


How in the world does a dog chew a harness off of herself? Kyle and I have said that we would love to set up a camera to catch these odd and disappointing acts of defiance on tape. I just don’t understand how they happen! Here are a few other masterpieces performed by said maniac.

The demolishing of heavy books and records.

Random carpet shred... to the board underneath!

How does a “little” pup squeeze through a small hole and manage to pull textbook-sized books off  a book shelf and shred them to pieces so easily? How does a dog dig their way through carpet so swiftly? How does this all begin? Is it a sudden burst of craziness or a steady demolishing of goods? I’m guessing it’s the crazy one.

She looks sweet.

But don’t trust her for a second.

She’s a loose cannon.


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