8 Sep

So today was another day of bonding with Helga and me but today we were in for a treat!  We were going to joined by my new friend Zach and his bike (I didn’t ask if it had a name…oops) for a day of climbing and riding in Boulder.  After climbing flagstaff I was leading down the descent and took one of the switchbacks a little too tight (I think I was trying to show off my skills…always a mistake, especially when you have very few) and slid out getting some great road rash!

DISCLAIMER:  There is blood in these pictures and they look (and are) painful so if this bothers you or could bother you don’t look…

My arm took the brunt of the crash…

And this…

I got a pretty impressive scrape on my shoulder.  I think it looks like a comet…

And lastly my knee took some abuse…

All in all I’m pretty sore and taking a shower to scrub all the dirt out wasn’t that much fun but I’m proud to say that I continued my ride after taking this damage and even climbed NCAR after getting cleaned up at Zach’s house.  I felt like I was in the tour with Zach pacing me back to the front…

Anyway Helga was fine with only some torn bar tape…we will both live to fight another day!


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