Time with Timmy!

10 Sep

On my rides everyday I usually daydream that I am in the pro peloton racing in Europe somewhere, usually the Tour de France or one of the Spring Classics…On these daydreaming trips I usually am one of the favored riders and usually attack the peloton in the last few kilometers of a climb and win solo at the end of the ride, just barely holding off the charging riders behind me.  While this daydream is never going to happen it is still very fun to imagine what it would be like to be a pro racing in Europe.  My constant daydreaming used to be as close as I would ever get to suffering through the great rides in Europe, that is until I got to know Timmy Duggan.

At the 2009 Dauphine

Timmy is a pro rider on the Garmin-Transitions team and has raced in some of the biggest races in Europe and the United States.  I am lucky to know him through my dad who is the principal at Flatirons Elementary in Boulder, where Timmy’s wife happens to work (that 3 degrees of separation rule is very true and very freaky sometimes).  I met him a few years ago at the Garmin team launch in Boulder and have been in touch with him through email for the last year or so.  Timmy is a great guy and very generous with his time and has agreed to contribute to our blog every couple weeks by answering a question about cycling, nutrition and living life as pro.  For this we are extremely grateful.  Anyway the first question for the series is one that I was interested in personally, because I never know what to eat before a big ride and who better to ask then someone who rides for a living?  Drum-roll please…..

Me: What is your favorite pre and post ride meal?

Timmy: Fav pre ride meal…

Big Ride: Chocolate Chip Pancakes

Little Ride: Omelet and fruit

Post Ride…

Chipotle burrito of course, with carnitas, green chili and guacamole.

I don’t know about you but I love eating pancakes before a big ride as well!  The fact that Timmy eats them before his big rides as well has to make me at least 15% faster, 20% more aerodynamic and 21.5% more likely to win my make believe race in France.  Thanks for checking in and check back for more Time with Timmy! posts.

Timmy killing it at the front during the Tour of Missouri 09...he definitely had pancakes for breakfast!


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