It’s a BIG day for Molly!

14 Sep

Today Ms. Molly Moo is becoming a woman…er… becoming an old woman…er…. becoming a loyal follower of Bob Barker!

And our next contestant is….


Come on down ’cause it’s your turn to play The Price is Right (to get you spayed)!!! WOOOHOOO!

"And don't forget to control the pet population..."

Source: Associated Press

After 9 months of life, it is time for her to grow up. Tough love, eh cookie? I don’t know if it is true that female dogs settle down after they get spayed? Does anyone else have experience with this? I do remember that Sam was just the same dog after, but to begin with, he was never really all that crazy. Molly, on the other hand, well she could stand to take it down a couple notches.

She is being dropped off at 7am in the middle of no where, behind some railroad tracks, and will be picked up at 4 pm with a whole new outlook on life! We are taking her to the same place that Sam got his snippy-snip and honestly the place looks pretty shady. But! they did great work on Sam and you can’t argue with a $50 job! That is unless the beast has gained more weight in the past month… Updates to follow!


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