Molly Update!

18 Sep

Molly’s operation went magnificently! In fact, when Kyle picked the zonkered pup up, the veterinarian would barely let her leave. Molly is quite popular. Everywhere she goes, people fall in LOVE with her. At her normal vet office the case is the same. Everyone remembers her. From the custodian to the head doc. She is intoxicating, I suppose?

All I get is growls and gruffs and attacked with nips and a frenzy of licks. It’s a mystery to me!

Though, while she was under the influence, I would definitely say she was the sweetest puff of fur she’s ever  been. I quite enjoyed it and hoped it would stick.

This girl has had a rough day!

She's not moving. Not even for food.

We actually had to move her food and water dishes right next to her face to make her eat. Correction. We had to put kibbles on the floor right under her face to eat. The water dish was all she really wanted though, and she looked like she may drown herself by falling asleep right in it.

Molly on the hooch and drooling...

How dignified!

After we put the E-collar on her for the first time, she looked as though she was the most deeply disturbed and dejected being in the whole world. She just hung her head and would not move!

Four days later, she is doing wonderful. And in case your wondering, she’s still got a whole lot of sass. So much for “calming” her down.

Oh well. Good practice for children. And hopefully when she’s sleepy I can steal some cuddles and NICE kisses.


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