My Challenged Stomach

22 Sep

I can not do dairy. Well… I can, but I pay the price. My tummy DOES NOT appreciate it. Sometimes I can tolerate a very small amount, but usually it’s a no-go.

This is somewhat devastating.

I am a big fan of cheese, ice cream, cheese, YOGURT, Greek yogurt, cheese. I have been trying some substitutes. It’s not winning me over, to be honest. Especially in coffee. Nothing beats a cup of joe and a little bit of cream!

I’m starting to get a little creative though. Enter: nutritional yeast. This has helped a lot. The cheesy taste it gives off has been wonderful in dishes that I normally would love a good sprinkle of cheese on top.

This got me thinking of a dish that my mom used to make. It was a cheesy (I think she used Velveeta), rice, chicken and broccoli dish. This dish would give me a heart attack if I tried eating it today. But it was sounding so delicious!

So I thought that maybe I could fudge it… and make it healthier!

‘Cheesy’ Chicken, Broccoli and Rice Skillet

1.5 cooked chicken breasts, chopped into 1/2″ squares

2 c broccoli florets

1 c veggie or chicken broth, or water

1 c dry brown rice, cooked

1/2 c hummus

zest and juice of one large lemon

3 T nutritional yeast

3 green onions, chopped

1/4 sliced almonds

salt and fresh ground pepper to taste


Cook rice according to package directions.

Meanwhile, place chicken, broccoli and broth in a deep skillet. Cover and steam until broccoli is just tender. You can cook it longer if you like your broccoli mushier.

In a separate bowl, combine hummus, lemon zest and juice and yeast. Whisk it up until smooth.

Add hot rice and hummus mixture to the skillet with the broccoli. Mix to combine. Add green onions, almonds and season with salt and pepper to taste.

This was almost exactly like the cheesy dish my momma used to make. I really enjoyed it and so did Kyle! It’s also makes really great leftovers.

A fun thing I did yesterday was make kale chips!

I’ve tried this once before and it was a total fail! I burnt them like crazy!

But this time… SUCCESS!!

Especially delicious with Sriracha and/or ketchup on top!

I also tried the Teeccino in the Frech Press.

I enjoyed it A LOT more. The flavor was a lot deeper and the texture was a bit thicker, too.

muuuch better 🙂

A pretty decent substitute, but I am going to be perfectly honest, I had some coffee today. I don’t think that I can ever stop!! It will just be a special treat.

I want to add a picture of my oatmeal, too. Just cause I thought it was super pretty!

Good news: I had a job interview today. It seemed to have gone well. If it’s where I’m meant to be, then it will work out. If not… we’ll keep on keepin’ on. Hope your hump day is treatin’ you allll-right!



2 Responses to “My Challenged Stomach”

  1. Ashleigh @ October 23, 2011 at 1:57 pm #

    Kale chips are so, so yummy! Have you ever tried this sriracha sauce? It is preservative free and really good! Better than the rooster sauce.


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