A Laid Back Day

23 Sep



Today went nice and easy.

The dogs were quite lazy themselves today as can be seen by the photographic evidence.

I am proud of myself because I added in weightlifting into my exercise routine. I haven’t done this for oh…umm… about 4 years, so it’s a big step. And I was REALLY sore today. In my heart, I really wanted to go for a run, but I was struggling just to get off the couch. I thought it might be best to take the day off.

Instead, I grabbed a snippet of inspiration from Ashley and made some homemade whole wheat bread. This recipe definitely takes some time. Two rises… but once you get it in the oven, it is only 30 minutes away to making your apartment (or home) smell absolutely intoxicating!!

I used this recipe from my Williams-Sonoma Baking book. I’ve made this several times before and I just love the buttery exterior that the loaves develop.

Mixin’ the flours:

Close enough!

Sloshin’ away by the Green Monster (aka my beloved stand mixer)

Dough pulled away from the sides:

Ready for the first rise:

Second rise:

I decided to add sunflower seeds to the top of one loaf. Although pretty, the seeds totally do not stay on the bread when you cut it. I think the recipe would be super good with the seeds added in the dough. That may be on tap next time!

And I just could not resist giving the fruits of my labor a taste-test with Nutella 🙂


The rest of the day has been spent cleaning and reading. I am taking a long time to get through The Power of One. I don’t know why, because it’s been a great read. I guess I just have so many things I want to do with my spare time that I can’t focus. But today I enjoyed slowing down and reading a good chunk.

Did you have a good day too? I hope so!



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