From Helga to Heidi

24 Sep

So for those of you that have checked into this blog at some point since it’s inception  you may be aware that I like to ride my bike and that bike is named Helga.  I love Helga.  She is my constant companion through some very painful and physically straining hours every week and she has been with me on all of my crashes surviving to ride home.  That said I really want a new bike.  This is nothing against Helga, she is great and valuable to me but I am a guy after all and I always have my eye on things that are bigger and better…Some guys get excited about cars, some get excited about TV’s and electronics but I get excited about bikes!  Recently the annual trade show known as interbike has taken place in Las Vegas.  This event happens every year and is where all the cycling companies around the world come and reveal their new product for next year letting dealers and members of the media get a first look at their offerings (Next year I am going to try to go as a member of the media…this blog qualifies me as media right?).  Anyway if you want to check out some great reports on some of the new stuff for next year there are various media outlets to check out.  My favorites are:




As I was surfing through all the new stuff I was struck by one bike in particular from the Swiss company BMC.  The bike is called the Impec and it is one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen!


The Impec literally took my breath away when I saw it…(Say what you will, make fun of me if you must but it totally did!).  The lines on it are amazing and the construction process is truely unique, check out the BMC link above to see a video describing it.

The joining of the tubes is accented by the red color. Amazing I say!

Anyway I love this bike and in the next 6 months or so, hopefully I will be getting a new bike to stand alongside Helga.  While I probably will not be able to afford the Impec, it is still a great fun to dream and fun to admire the amazing design and construction of bikes that is being presented at interbike this year.  If somehow I win the lottery or discover a collection of ancient gold coins in my parents attic then I will probably purchase the Impec but as that seems very close to impossible I am going to be looking for a few more budget minded bike in the next few months and hope to test ride all of them, so check back to see the reviews as I search for my new bike already dubbed Heidi!


2 Responses to “From Helga to Heidi”

  1. pursuitofhealthfulness September 27, 2010 at 2:24 pm #

    Haha, sounds as though the bike would be great, but when I read the post I couldn’t help but think of an old memory: When I was little, my parents would threaten us by saying if we weren’t good they were going to hire “Helga and Heidi” to come watch us.

    • Kyle September 28, 2010 at 7:49 pm #

      Haha that sounds really scary! Did Heidi and Helga ever come…?

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