Walking the Dogs…

5 Oct

So this past weekend Kaleigh and I actually had a morning off together!  WOHOO!  We decided to take a stroll to our local coffee shop for a cup of java.  We also figured that it would be a great idea to take the children (dogs) along with us to give them a little exercise.  We are super lucky because our coffee shop joined forces with the local mexican joint Santiago’s to give its customers access to some great, cheap breakfast burritos to accompany your cup of coffee.  Of course at the mention of the word walk Sam and Molly began to freak out and get really excited for the journey that lay before them.  After harnessing them up we set out and immediately both dogs were pulling us along happy as can be…

Molly Anxious for the Unknown

Sam is more than excited!

The challenge with walking two big dogs is controlling them, especially since when they want to go…they GO! I don’t know out of the two who is stronger but Molly is definitely more rebellious and has way more attitude, thus I get to control her.  But this morning Sam was dragging Kaleigh along just as much as Molly was dragging me…

Kaleigh getting walked by Sam

If you notice in all of these pictures the leashes are constantly stretched to the limit.  Slack and walks are oximorons in our lives.  Anyway so we eventually got to the Coffee Market and decided to divide and conquer, Kaleigh would go inside and order the goods while I stayed outside making sure Molly and Sam didn’t steal anyone’s burritos…

Molly and Sam were well behaved...very shocking actually

A few minutes later Kaleigh arrived with our caffine and burritos…

Mine didn't last long...

Luckily Kaleigh didn't inhale hers so we could take a picture...delicious!

After a successful journey we headed home but not before we had a run-in with a interesting animal, something Molly wanted to investigate, a llama!

"Hi my name is Molly, can I eat you?"

After a few barks, a few gutteral growls and a snarl for good measure Molly had apparently established her dominance and we could head home.  What a great way to spend a morning!


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