I felt like making muffins…

6 Jan

Cranberry Orange Walnut Muffins

I followed this recipe.

I was craving this specific type of muffin. At the cute little cafe that I used to work at, they were one of many that I would help make.

Unfortunately, my little batter monster was not around so I had to lick up the leftovers.

Here is a great tip that I learned from the previously mentioned cafe. If you leave muffins to cool in their tins, they will get soggy bottoms. Unless you enjoy this, wait a few minutes after pulling them out of the oven (probably 5 at the most) and use either a butter knife or a thin offset spatula (ideal) to move the muffins loose and gently lift them out. This process is even easier if when you are preparing your pan, you spray each cup individually very well with non-stick spray. After you have removed them from the pan, set them upside down to cool and you will have PERFECT muffins!

These turned out pretty close to the ones I was dreaming of. The taste was slightly off. I think this was because I used a bottle of single-serving orange juice.  Either a better brand of fresh juice would have been better. The crumb was slightly rougher than what I remembered, and they were as fluffy as they should have been. This is probably because of altitude. I highly doubt the recipe I used takes into account 5,000+ ft above sea level. This will have to be adjusted next time.

Still, they did meet my craving.

Now all I need is a little dollop of butter…



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