17 Jan

“Why do you shave your legs?”

That is usually the response I get from friends, family and strangers alike when I tell them I am a cyclist.  Well here is the answer as I see it…

a)  It is for crashing.  If you race bikes you will crash.  When you crash you inevitably will get road rash and need lots of bandages to keep those wounds clean.  Now it is a lot easier and a lot less painful to replace a bandage on your leg when you don’t have any hair on it.

b) It feels sweet.  If you have never experienced freshly shaved legs in a bed of nice cool sheets you aren’t really living. Consider it.

c)  It makes your muscles look bigger and more impressive.  Seriously it does.

d) It’s an outward sign to others that you mean business.  Think of it like getting baptized.  Baptism isn’t something that is required by God for you to get into heaven.  Instead it is a proclamation to others that you believe in God.  Shaving your legs as a cyclist is the same thing.  It isn’t something required to make you a good cyclist, instead it is an outward sign of your commitment. (And committed you will need to be, considering the ridicule you will get from others)

SO I am committed and have been for a few years.  Over the winter though I do take a hiatus from shaving and let the hair grow since I will be doing no racing and any riding outside consists of covering every inch of your body from the cold.  But I am starting a new tradition this year.  The pro cycling season has officially started.  The Santos Tour Down Under is underway in Australia and since the pros are racing, I’ll be shaving.

With the first shave of the season I am reminded that I SUCK at shaving my legs.  I knew that a few months ago, but today I was reminded again.


Given that I hadn’t shaved my legs for a few months, my legs were pretty hairy and the need to prep them with my electric clippers was a necessary part of the shave…


After the clippers came the stars of the show.  A razor and some shaving cream.  And yes that I do use pink razors.  Shut up.


So despite using the electric clippers my manly leg hair clogged my pink razor about every three inches, so it was a long project.  But I was making headway.

Only 20 minutes in...

I soon had a few spectators...

About 30 minutes into my endeavour (Yes 30 minutes) and one leg down I proceeded to break my razor.  Kaleigh delivered a fresh razor with a little knowing smile and it was back to the grind.  I hate shaving with a new razor.  The blades are too sharp, there is no room for error, if you mess up THERE WILL BE BLOOD.  And today there was blood.  Honestly usually I nick one of my legs every time so it isn’t anything new.

Finally I was done, I had used all the hot water, broken one razor, the dogs were asleep and my hands looked like prunes.  But look at my results…

Boo Ya!

A few nicks...

Ladies I don’t know how you do it so successfully.  In fact any tips would be greatly appreciated since I still feel like I don’t know what I am doing.  But I am committed.  Bring on the new year!


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