this could change everything

27 Feb

Last week I went to the doctor. Despite feeling rushed out of there, I feel like it was a productive visit.

The doctor suspects food allergies.

Yeah, me too.

I’m going to be tested for celiac disease. Celiac is where gluten (the protein in wheat) is not tolerated well in a certain individual. The intestines become so bombarded with this protein that the villi (little fingers in the small intestine that absorb the nutrients from the food we eat) lay down flat (they are supposed to stand straight up). This can lead to malnutrition, digestive issues, skin problems, etc. Despite my best efforts to be off gluten for about 3 weeks, I now have to be right back on it for at least 4 weeks. This is because if I am not eating gluten, my body is not being challenged by it. If your body is not being exposed, the test could be a false-negative.

So the countdown begins.

I know things will get very complicated if I am positively diagnosed, but I secretly wish that it is true. I have been having issues for a very long time. I want to know already! I want it to be done. If it is not celiac, then its more waiting and investigation.

The truth would set me free.

It would change things. A lot of things.

Eating at family get-togethers will have to be different. We may have to totally change our kitchen. If my case is severe enough, we may have to replace all of our cookware because of cross-contamination. It will make for a lot of work to re-vamp favorite family recipes.

But I’m getting way ahead of myself here.

I need to just take it as it comes. I just know that I am so excited to get this all figured out because being back on gluten has not been a walk in the park. It’s been quite the opposite. I feel completely un-like myself and generally quite yucky.

But I sense that there is a silver lining. I’m counting down the days.

Only ten more days until (hopefully) freedom.





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