few and far in between

1 Mar

Since I’ve been back on gluten, the feeling ‘good’ days have been few and far in between. My digestive system is so angry with me. Only a week away and I’m hoping so badly that all this will be done!! This has got to be the first time ever that I am excited to go the doctor and get my blood drawn!

But today is such a beautiful day here in Colorado! A day as beautiful as this has been few and far in between. I feel like I could go outside with shorts on and not skip a beat!

Today is my day off and as a huge shocker, it is also Kyle’s day off! He has already been on a ridiculously long ride (while I lay in my sick bed reading the new book selection) and we plan to live the day up!

I’d like to go to Costco if my stomach decides to settle down. As a food-freak the thought of low prices and a huge portion of food excites me very much! I think we are going to check it out to see if it would be worth us joining.

We will also be taking advantage of some gift cards we have received by going out to dinner downtown and possibly seeing a movie for a date night. If not a movie, we may be doing a little shopping. If you can believe it, I still have birthday/Christmas money to burn! Date nights for us, are unfortunately few and far in between. Not only is it rare that we have an evening off together, but a whole day, well this is quite a treat. I’m excited about a date night. While Kyle and I were engaged, my cousin so lovingly gave us the advice that we should never stop going on dates. After the first year and a half of marriage, I would definitely agree this needs to be a priority. We tend to just go through day to day and get through what needs to be done at our jobs and around the house. We need to set aside times for us more frequently and I can’t wait to see how we pursue this with a little more fervor.

Well we’re off to see if we can find some discounts! I hope this Tuesday finds you lighthearted and appreciative of what you have. If not, I hope it comes to you before the end of the day 🙂



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