today, yes today

9 Mar

So far today, my digestive system has been really grumpy with me. It seems to since the impending test that is to be done. It’s saying, “Enough already!!

Since the decision has been made to test for celiac disease, I feel like I have been carb-loading for a marathon. I’ve been munching on anything that could possibly contain gluten. My thought is if I’m going to get this test done, I absolutely want to make sure that it is going to be 100% positive or negative. There is a possibility that a false-positive or a false-negative can occur. I don’t want to have to wait any longer than I have to to figure out what is going wrong with my inner-workings. Interestingly enough, all the things that I used to LOVE that have gluten, well they aren’t tasting as good to me anymore. I’ve just been eating them to be eating gluten. Although I do have to admit that the last round of Girl Scout Cookies did hit the spot 🙂

But in all honesty, I can’t even express to how hard this past month has been. It has completely taxed me physically, emotionally and spiritually. There have been a few days that I feel just fine and then there are days where I feel like I crawled up out of hell just to spend the better part of my day feeling like a rotting corpse.

I’ve prayed.


I’ve tried to relax.


I have hardly done any physical activity.


I haven’t got any cleaning done.


I haven’t got anything done for that matter.


Except maybe for reading. I have done a lot of that lately.


I’ve sat around like a zombie.


I feel like I’m in limbo.


So I am readying myself to go get my blood test done. I hopefully will not come close to passing out. This is what happened last time I gave blood, which is quite a frightening experience.

But I can only hope.

Hope with all my heart that this will be the answer. The answer to getting back my Kaleigh-ness.


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