day two

1 Apr

I’m a day behind on posting. Hopefully I’ll get caught up. But until then I’m speaking in retrospect. Yesterday morning, I woke up very grumpy. I’m pretty sure that it is because of the late night rendezvous at Wendy’s. I had the opening shift at work the next day so that usually equals a grumpy Kaleigh.

My breakfast was a “Holly Flax” smoothie (aka Michael’s girlfriend from The Office). I don’t know why but I kept thinking of her as I was drinking this.

  • almond milk
  • fresh strawberries
  • 1/2 banana
  • ground flax seed
  • a small dribble of agave nectar

Also while drinking this, for some reason, the first few sips reminded me of childhood antibiotics. I had my lemon-water before making the smoothie so I don’t know if that was what tainted it. Anyways, it got better as I drank.

At work I had a nice snack of a rice cake with sunbutter and blueberries on top.

This day was kind of weird. I went in to work for a few hours and then I shot home to have some (awesome) lunch. Then I had to get right back to work to prepare for a marketing event we were doing at a local gym. My lunch was absolutely wonderful…

The day before I precooked some lentils. For this meal I warmed them up a little and then tossed them with red wine vinegar, diced celery, olive oil and chopped fresh rosemary. I then put them atop a bed of spinach and added red onion slices, cucumber, chia seeds and then drizzled tahini all over it. Sooooo good!

Like I said before, I had to rush back over to work. I wasn’t super excited about it because I was really craving a nap, but the event actually turned out to be pretty fun. It was held at a little gym near-by for all the members and their families. We got some good exposure and had some good conversation with the members as well. While there, I snacked on a couple dates and walnuts. I got these dates at Costco and they are so unbelievably soft!

I left the event a little early so that I could hang out with my adoring husband and silly pups. Kyle was making pulled pork, which is kinda cruel because I am not supposed to eat pork while on the detox. I walked in and the house smelled absolutely wonderful. I was pretty hungry by then, so I tried to put together dinner for myself quickly. A couple days ago I made a white chicken chili and we still had a little left over. I guess I’ve been in a baked potato kind of mood because I put that chili right on top of one (again).

Plus some avocado chunks and cilantro. Sorry for the very yellow picture. Our kitchen has really bad lighting at night! If you haven’t had cilantro before or you don’t use it very often you should! It’s such a vibrant herb! It brightens up any meal and gives it a little punch.

Have you ever seen or heard of Aaron Ralston? We watched his move 127 Hours last night. It was so intense! This guy went on a hike by himself and a boulder falls and pins his arm to the canyon wall. It’s good. It’s graphic. I do recommend it. He also has written a book, if you would rather read about it.

My detox is going well so far and I am really enjoying my food.

Goodnight to y’all,



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