a few completely random, and possibly useless observations

2 May

I woke up this morning (keep in mind it was 3:20AM) and thought, “is this really my life?” I guess I never really pictured myself where I am and what my life is currently like 10 years ago, let alone two. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not depressed about my situation…but on the other hand there are certainly things that can and need to be improved. Regardless, it was one of those moments where you have a little epiphany that life is fragile, you are living it and it certainly is never what is expected.

our fragile rosemary plant...c'mon baby, don't give up!

Where did our “1/3 c” go? One day, it mystically disappeared. It seems as though it was sick of being under-utilized compared to the 1/2 c and 1c and just decided to pursue other avenues. Meanwhile, I regret all the time I spent away from it because the past few days I’ve really needed him, or it, or whatever. Folks, its true; you don’t know what you have until its gone.

It has perplexed me in the past few days (only because I have finally resolved to clean our shredded and under-appreciated bathroom) just how dirty our apartments’ walls can get. I mean, how does this happen? It looked as though someone was scrambling eggs for an amazing omelet whilst in the bathroom and yet were startled by a flying squirrel or other exotic animal, and the because of the rush of adrenaline managed to fling the scrambled eggs mixture all over the wall. In reality, it was more likely that the “flying squirrel” was a hairball rolling around in the corner from Molly rather than an actual living entity.

Why must Reese’s peanut butter eggs be so unbelievably mind blowing, and yet so unbelievably wretched for your body? It is so unfair.

I don’t really miss cable (we got rid of it because, well, they were ripping us off). I only really miss watching HGTV. That Sandra is just so sassy!

Why is it that whenever you get really excited about… say an idea or a big purchase and then suddenly you see or hear about this thing everywhere. For example, if you are considering buying a VW bus, when you are driving or if you are a “good green” human being, walking, you see a VW bus everywhere you go. Or if you learn the meaning of a new word that possibly you always thought you knew what it meant (but didn’t), and just kept saying it cause it makes you sound really intellectual (just an example, of course), then suddenly you begin to hear people say it every day, on the radio, read it in a book (or on twitter), at work, at a poetry reading…etc. I like that about humans, but then I kind of don’t. To me it somehow shows disinterest in others and the world, unless it pertains to yourself.  But hey, we’re all busy and cracked up on media, so there is only a finite amount of brain cells that can be spent on the trillions of other stimulations around us, right?

***Sidenote: I think I am very quippy and slighty sarcastic right now because I’ve basically been watching House for two straight days. He’ll do that to ya, just sayin.

Do you have a personal bubble? Well I do. I don’t think that it is too big, at least not a 10 ft. diameter. More like 9 3/4″ (I kid!…kind of) but lately I’ve noticed at grocery stores, the people shopping there have no concept of this. Or for that matter, that I am a person (HEAR ME ROAR!) and I am in the same store that they are in. Meaning that they don’t care that I am there and really wish I wasn’t in their way of getting a couple avocados or a 50 lb. bag of dino shaped chicken “nuggets” (a mere example, of course). To quote George Costanza, “We are living IN A SOCIETY!!!!”

I love oats. Correction: I adore oats. Especially baked oatmeal. I find myself day-dreaming of oats lately, but not night-dreaming. That’s saved for a warm brownie with ice cream on top, and possibly for Top Chef quick-fire challenges where I have to make a souffle while trying to uncover kitchen utensil conspiracies of rogue “1/3 c” cups. Maybe some day I will win that quick-fire challenge and be reunited. But seriously, if it doesn’t happen in the next week, we’re buying a new set of measuring cups.

If we had free-flowing funds right now, the top 3 things that I would buy at Costco would be:

1) 3 lb bag of walnuts

2) food production grade saran wrap and

3) a Vespa (they sell those, right?).

And no, I’m not in the least bit concerned about where my priorities lie.

more of a necessity, rather than a "want"

It would be a great idea for me to be running on a treadmill right now, but give me a break, will ya? I was up at 3:20 this morning looking for a bitter “1/3 c” and fighting off grumpy Costco shoppers while trying to buy some eggs for a souffle and haggle for a VW bus.

Oddly enough, I think I may make an omelet for dinner (or oatmeal for the second time today).

Watch out for hairballs….



One Response to “a few completely random, and possibly useless observations”

  1. Jamie DeWitt May 2, 2011 at 9:33 pm #

    what is it with those missing measuring cups? I lost my 1 cup for about 2 months….turns out it was in the tub of oats…obviously not the location of yours. I have also found it left in the sugar or flour but I am sure you have already checked there. By the by, I may have convinced my mom to do the detox too!

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