11 May

I’m back.  I know it has been like 15 years since my last post, and honestly it is because I have been LAZY! If you know me, you know this isn’t a huge surprise. Unless I get myself super motivated to do something I probably let it drift on by, and lately that is what I have been doing in regards to this blog.  Plus Kaleigh is killing it with posts, so I figured I would fade into the background for a while.  But hopefully that is all going to change now, I have a few ideas in the hopper on what to share with you all and my creative juices are starting to flow again.  This may be in part because my left shifter has broken on my bike.  I think it is just old, but this creates a void in how I have been spending my time, since I haven’t been able to ride my bike (Being able to shift is important it turns out) I have been filling up this spare time with other activities.  By taking some time off the bike I feel like I have discovered that I really want to do A LOT of different things everyday.  Working 40 hours a week, I usually get two days off, so how I spent those two days turns into a constant debate, usually I would spend a good 5-6 hours on my bike, but since that isn’t happening right now I have started to look at other things.

I’ve decided that I really want to learn how to rock climb.  Living so close to the mountains, I feel like it would be stupid of me not to spend more time in them doing things.  I really would love to get good at climbing and take a trip to another country to climb (I think this inspiration comes from a friend of mine who was able to go to Patagonia and climb a few years ago).  More realistically though I feel like I want to climb all the fourteeners in CO.  My best friend and I have been talking about this all year and hopefully soon we will begin our quest.  Along these same lines, I want to do some backpacking this year.  I love being outside and being able to get away from everything even if it is just for a few hours is so therapeutic.  Kaleigh and I really want to get out there this year, take advantage of being young and healthy and see what we can find.

I also really want to become a photographer.  After we got our sweet Canon for Christmas this year it has opened my eyes to how much fun taking pictures can be.  Again this is an expensive hobby, and realistically I probably won’t ever become super skilled in the photographic arts but I would like to be able to take some great pictures for our house, family and friends.  I wonder if there are any good books to help me figure out what I am doing, because let’s be honest, I have no idea what all those buttons and dials do on my camera.  I’ll have to look into that.

I really want to read…a lot!  I am kind of have ADD when I read, and I am constantly in the middle of at least three books, while purchasing more.  Take my current situation as an example…I am currently in the middle of Traitor to His Class by H.W. Brands, about the life and presidency of FDR, Better Off by Eric Brende, about living life without modern technology, and Undaunted Courage by Stephen Ambrose, about Lewis and Clark.  I also have recently purchased and am eager to start Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand and April 1865: The Month That Saved America by Jay Winik.  All of this doesn’t even take into account the numerous magazine articles that I am constantly reading from Mental Floss, Outside, Backpacker, and numerous cycling magazines.  It really is overwhelming when you think of it.  There is so much information out there and some many ways to get it, that even if you spent all day every day reading you would never get close to reading everything on your list.  Oh well one book at a time, or three in my case.

It seems like life is flying by.  Today is one of my days off and it is already half over! I don’t know what I have accomplished, pretty much nothing besides getting milk and watching stage 5 of the Giro d’Italia.  It’s a rainy day today and it seems like a good day to just sit down and read.  I have already had two cups of coffee but I feel like I want more.  Coffee really is addicting.  Kaleigh and I will be married for two years in July! That is crazy to me. On the one hand it seems like we have been married for much longer and on the other hand two years seems like a long time.  I wonder what year three will hold.

I am going to turn 25 this year.  I don’t quite know how I feel about that. 25 is halfway to 50, but it really doesn’t seem that old, I still feel like I am 21 or so though.  I have been thinking a lot about what I have done with my life so far, and what I still want to do which must mean I am getting more mature, although I wouldn’t bet on it.  It’s amazing how quickly life can end. You never know what is going to happen when you wake up, in fact you really don’t know what is going to happen when you go to sleep (I have been watching a lot of House with Kaleigh lately so I am well aware of various diseases and general medical weirdness). I guess the only way to live is in the moment, not to worry about tomorrow because who even knows what is going to happen in the next half hour, let alone tomorrow.  That’s how I try to live my life, in the moment. I guess it’s worked so far.

Anyway there you have it, a kind of random post about nothing really, but I am back to the blogging world and in fact there may be multiple posts in the works for today.  Thanks for reading.


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