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weekend hunting

6 Oct

We finally had a day off together! We took full advantage of this by going out for a DELICIOUS lunch here, followed by a DELICIOUS dessert here. Most definitely did not disappoint and quite and “one-two punch”!

Afterwards, we partook in a most fervent round of hunting.

Pumpkins as far as the eye can see…

Our spoils…

but not without a few scrapes and prickers.

(paddle shoes may not be the best choice for hunting)

And, just like last time, we wanted to take them all home. But the baby gave us an excuse to take home three.



A Few Random Thoughts…

19 Sep

First of all…

I officially HATE the HEAT!  Living in Colorado you have to get accustomed to the fact that on any given day you can have every type of weather there is excluding hurricanes.  You have to get used to the fact that you will have snow into late April and maybe even early May and that the month of August is going to be HOT with lots of rain.  Colorado is awesome in the fact that it has 4 distinct seasons and you have enough time each year to enjoy them.  That said it is September 19th and today’s temperature is 93 degrees!  At this point in the year I am looking forward to the coolness of fall, spending some time with Helga with a few more layers and just getting mentally prepped for the holidays, not sitting in the apartment sweating like a fiend while watching the Broncos beat the Seahawks on a field that is 120 degrees!  Don’t get me wrong I love summer, but please lets move on to FALL!


I was listening to some AM talk radio this morning on the way to work and heard about some important left-wing movie director (maybe the guy that directed Al Gore’s movie) talking about the fact that he was developing a movie about what is wrong with the American public education system (I guess it is called “Waiting for Superman“).  According to this guy, the reason that public schooling is so bad is that all public school teachers suck.  As a public school teacher I take extreme offense to this thought.  Granted there are some horrible public school teachers out there, but there are also some AMAZING public school teachers out there.  In my opinion without getting too involved into this debate the problem lies in funding and with testing…how do you expect teachers to succeed when the system they are confined to doesn’t work and in fact hasn’t changed for a couple hundred years?  Anyway it just continues to amaze me how many misinformed people there are out there and how easy it is for people to become instant experts on subjects they know nothing about.


Today is Sunday and I am happy to say that my family and I have done absolutely nothing all day (expect get some groceries).  Sam, Molly and even Kaleigh have already taken a nap today in the stifling heat of our apartment while I have been watching three professional sporting events at one time!   I have been splitting my television time between the Rockies vs. Dodgers and the Broncos vs. Seahawks.  At the same time I have been watching the U.S. Pro Road Race Championships which was won by a 21 year old named Ben King who soloed for 50 miles to win against the best American professional cyclists.  Amazing!  That is the way to win a bike race, alone after indescribable suffering…


Kaleigh recently lost her job.  And while this was a very sudden, very surprising event I do think that nothing but good can come from this.  GOD has a plan for us and a plan for her and while this change of circumstances is going to change a lot of things in our lives I am really excited for her and the things that in store for her career and our lives.  So if you here of any good job openings in or around the CO area send them our way and we definitely take any of your prayers and thoughts as we transition to a new phase…


On a musical note there is one band that has been totally rocking my world lately.  A band that if you have not yet checked out you definitely need to check them out on your next iTunes surfing session (I’m not the only one that does this right?)  The band is Bon Iver and they are KILLER, ROCKIN, THE BEES KNEES (insert your favorite descriptive word)!  I don’t quite know what it is about them, but they have a very crisp, clean sound almost like you are listening to a jam session that is taking place in your living room that is soooo very addicting.  Skinny Love is a great song to start with as is Flume, but the new EP has some great songs on it as well.  Be sure to check out Blood Bank and Woods.  Below is the music video for The Wolves (Act I & II), another gem.

I hope everyone has a great week!  Remember to pray for us!

A Weekend of Healing- Saturday

18 Sep

It is so strange how God works in our lives. You go through your days thinking that everything is going great, you are where you need to be, you are doing what you are meant to do (well at least for a while). And then BAM! Your whole world changes. Without any real warning. And all you can think is…”Now what?”

You try to be positive in bad circumstances. You want to be. But its so hard. It’s so hard to see what these circumstances mean. What do I do now? What is the plan for ME?

Friday was a really tough day for the 2 people.

Comfort foods and relaxing immediately ensued. Things such as pizza, Amy’s macaroni and cheese, pbfingers flourless peanut butter cookies and CANDY CORN! We definitely did not hold back.

Pure sugar, but it isn't fall without them!

This weekend is meant for healing. Meant for relaxing. Reflecting. Praying. Trusting.

A LOT of trusting. Trusting that the plan for us is good. Trusting that things are going to be ok. Trusting that something so great is going to come out of this.

This morning I woke up to this.

Very fitting for the mood. A dreary and cool (but welcomed) beginging to the day. This absolutely meant warm oatmeal and “coffee”.  On a side note, since I have been on my detox, I haven’t had caffeine in about a month and a half. I tried it a few days ago, and it didn’t go well. Heartburn. So I ordered this…

It’s called Teeccino. We got a 12 pack sampler so we can try a bunch of different flavors! It is herbal tea  that is supposed to taste very similar coffee. It has no caffeine in it, but has natural energy boosters. I am hoping that I am going to like  it because I don’t think my tummy can handle the acidity of coffee very well :(. This is very depressing because I LOVE coffee!

We decided to try the Hazelnut variety this morning.

Brews just like coffee.

It was good. Not amazing. The flavor was not very strong so I think the next batch we try, we’ll use less water. No heartburn though!

My oatmeal on the other hand WAS AMAZING! The best I’ve had in a looong time! It was like I was eating banana bread batter! It was oats, with banana, vanilla, cinnamon, ginger, ground cloves, walnuts, brown sugar and cut up gala apples.

After watching a little football, we decided to walk over to the small dairy farm that is right behind our apartment complex. They were putting on a fall festival! Perfect day for it!


Complete with camel rides and llamas!

Here’s what I was hoping with all my heart that we would find here!!!

It's hard to tell but this guy was huge! Bigger than a toilet bowl! (I couldn't think of anything better)


Here’s what we came home with! I am so excited! I have been longing for home roasted pumpkin for about a month now! It’s definitely the secret to making deep flavored and delicious pumpkin bread!

First pumpkin of the season!!


Kyle had to work this afternoon and evening, so I watched some more football, took a nap, went for an hour long work out and made some stuffed peppers for dinner. And had another cookie. Day one has been nice. Heart warming, soul soothing and laid back. I am grateful for this day. I hope tomorrow will be just as wonderful.