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30 Jul

A friend of ours was house-sitting/dog-sitting/crazy-cat-sitting for another pair of friends. It sounds extremely vague, I know but go with me here. Anyways we visited the “sitter” at the “sit-ees” lovely house. It was small and an older residence. It felt ridiculously cozy with over-sized, dream-inducing couches but without feeling cramped. I immediately swooned over this house and wished so hard that we had something like it. But the one specific thing that really jumped out at me about this house was all the plants this couple had! It was exotic without being a jungle and it inspired me to imitate this humble home. 

Truth be told, I haven’t had a great relationship with plants and flowers. Last summer I tried having a small patio garden and failed miserably. The only thing that survived through summer and surprisingly winter, was my rosemary plant and it just recently gave up. Kyle once bought me a beautiful orchid a while back. It held up for a while but then the flowers dropped off and never re-bloomed.

But I want more life flowing through our little space before we have to leave; I mean a different kind of life than the two crazy dogs that already give enough vibrancy to this 850 sq. feet.

Ever since we went to Del Mar, California for our honeymoon I have fallen head over heels for succulents. They were everywhere out there. I had no idea there were so many variations and different shapes! To me they are just friendlier cacti and they really bring such joy to me. I did have a succulent about a year and a half ago, that keeled over so I need to do a little more research on the care of these beauties because when I let these plants die, I really take it to heart. It’s crushing, and the way things have been going these days, I just can’t take another heartbreak.

I’ve also bought another house plant and I hope to have our collection grow more because truthfully I would prefer to have a jungle. I don’t want to dive too deep though, because if I kill a couple, it’s much better than 20. I desire to be a master-gardner some day. Hopefully we will have yard at some point with beauty abounding. But for now I hope to love and care for the little guys we’ve got so far.

If you have any tips on care of plants, I welcome them with open arms. Please share! If not for me, then for the little green guys!