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22 Sep

Truth be told, this has been a long and arduous summer. Great things have happened amidst the full schedules that we have been carrying. The bathroom has only been cleaned once all summer and the kitchen has generally remained in a state of disarray since ¬†Memorial day. We’ve bought a few plants and 1 out of 5 lived. Pretty decent. We’ve accumulated more books but not any time to read them. We’ve been on retreats, 14er hikes, softball games and a wonderful vacation.¬† We flew to beautiful La Jolla, California. We went really cheap and did not get a rental car and got a tiny little room a couple blocks from the beach. But it was all worth it. It was a perfect cap to our busy summer because we walked around town, ate a lot of delicious food and laid on the beach. Perfection.¬†
We came back rested, refreshed and ready for our daily lives. Actually after this trip things started changing for us immediately.

The name of our blog will be completely wrong in a short amount of time. Our lease is up in November and we have decided that we do not want to to renew. We have outgrown this space with two dogs and we are ready for a change. We’ve begun looking already. So far it has been a frustrating ride, but we are trying to be patient through the whole process. Because that is what they tell you on My First Place and House Hunters, right?

And secondly, we are not actually getting another dog because we will be getting more space (although not entirely out of the question). Instead, we are adding another person to our family. The day we got back from our vacation we found out that we will be having a baby!!Here are our reactions immediately following. We have been excited, scared and shocked since finding out. But personally I have felt gratitude more than anything. I feel so blessed that God has chosen me to carry this gift and chosen us to be parents! Food choices and energy levels have been… interesting, to say the least, but I plan to keep you updated on everything. So far it doesn’t seem completely real, but slowly it is starting to hit us. For instance, I had to go buy maternity pants this morning!

Until next time,