What Are We Reading?

Can I tell you that we have a lot of books. If we had the space, we’d have a library. We certainly aren’t to that point yet, but right now we have so many, we are breaking bookshelves. Literally. But usually when one (or two) has many books, they enjoy reading. And we really do! Here are our current selections. We’d love for you to make comments or ask questions about them if you are interested or have read them yourself. Only rule is: NO SPOILERS!! We’ll let you know when we’re done so we can discuss every detail. Happy reading!

Kaleigh: This lady has attitude and a penchant for words. Thanks to my hubby who brought this home for me! I am enjoying this thoroughly thus far. 

“Sparkling…a coming-of-age story…that somehow manages to integrate shattering grief and erotic love with recipes for rum cream pie, toffee, and meatballs. Wizenberg’s recipes…they’re both a natural extension of her autobiography and an expression of her aesthetic, grounding this luminous memoir in the everyday and relatable…”


I love Ambrose.  He is a great great great writer and the full immensity of what Lewis and Clark actually did is becoming more and more apparent the more I read…Be on the look out for a post about this book soon….

An EPIC…I wish I had the above addition though…


3 Responses to “What Are We Reading?”


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